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Compression Bags for Travel - Travel Accessories - 10 Pack Space Saver Bags - No Vacuum or Pump Needed - Vacuum Storage Bags for Travel Essentials - Travel and Home Packing-Organizers (Blue)

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  • TRAVEL ACCESSORIES - Each of our vacuum storage bags passes strict quality control standards and ensures long-term compressed storage. Including 3 sizes, 4 Pcs Small 20x14”, 3 Pcs Medium 20x16”, 3 Pcs Large 24x16”
  • COMPRESSION BAGS FOR TRAVEL - Our vacuum storage bags are made of PA+PE to protect your clothes from water, air, dirt, dust, and other damage. They can store various items, including clothes, pillows, towels, bedding, shirts, pants, sweaters, blankets, etc.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - Space saver bags are sealed with double zippers to prevent leakage. It can save more than 75% of storage space. Reusable, you don’t need to buy another bag.
  • NO NEED FOR VACUUM OR PUMP - one-way ventilation holes are provided on the centerline of the tail. Just put the clothes in the bag, and then roll the bag from the mouth of the bag to the bottom, forcing the air out through the unidirectional air outlet at the bottom of the bag. No need for any other equipment, very easy to use.
  • TRAVEL ESSENTIALS - Under your rational choice, ALMING products will be your golden assistant for travel, I believe it will bring you a pleasant and relaxing journey.

Product Description

Compression Bags for Travel

Travel Accessories

Are you still carrying heavy luggage for the trip? Our ALMING compression bags for travel set is the preferred solution for all the storage troubles when you travel, move or change seasonal clothing in your closet. Our travel space saver bags can save up to 75% of the space for extra clothes, blankets, pillows and towels.

Luggage Isn't space enough? Want to save time and space

Use ALMING vacuum compression bag to easily solve all kinds of troubles. Large capacity storage can save 75% space, maximize suitcase, wardrobe space, slimming effect immediately.

1. Free pumping and quick compression, saving space.

2. Waterproof, moisture proof, mildew proof, anti-odor.

3. Transparent design, clothing at a glance, look fast.

Compression Bags for Travel Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

10 travel vacuum storage bags

  • 4 Pcs Small-50cmx35cm(20 x14)”
  • 3 Pcs Medium-50cmx40cm(20x16)”
  • 3 Pcs Large-60cmx40cm(24x16)”

Instructions for use

  • 1. Stack the clothes that need to be stored in the compression.
  • 2. Use the honey sealing slide to slide back and forth seceral.
  • 3. Compress the hand roll from the sealing port and let the air flow out from the bottom.
  • 4. Vacuum storage is completed.
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Compression Bags for Travel

Travel Accessories

Double protection with two leak-proof sealing chains for higher sealing.

Travel Accessories

The special sealing slide is equipped with a double-layer leak-proof zipper, which can slide back and forth without hurting the hand, making the sealing more convenient and effective.

Travel Accessories

The slides durable, and the seals are closer. They can be separated or left in place after each work.

Compression Bags for Travel

Travel Accessories

10 Packs of three specifications, storage of a variety of clothing, underwear, socks, etc., can be well classified, to solve the messy nowhere.

Travel Accessories

Home-to-season clothing storage essential artifacts, unexpected space saving, let your wardrobe work infinitely.

Travel Accessories

Easy to match with all kinds of clothes on business trips, clean and tidy, directly saving three times the space.


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